The best exhibits, seminars, and events bring the crowd together to work towards a common goal. One such event was recently hosted by Coca-Cola! Held at the modern Brooklyn Navy Yard complex in New York, Coca-Cola hosted this leadership event to connect people through shared experiences and beliefs. 

As the leading provider of large-format digital printing services in New York, we were honored to lend our installation services to help facilitate the flawless production of the event. Artists of the Industry, the innovative marketing gurus of Southern California, spearheaded the design of the numerous displays featured at the exhibit. Working side by side, Artists of the Industry and our team were able to create one of the most memorable events to date. 

Take a look at the interactive displays we had the pleasure of installing!

Here’s what our work consisted of:

Custom-Fabricated Wooden Displays: The custom-fabricated wooden display utilized was a pegboard that was designed as an experience for the audience to share together.

Custom Acrylic Displays: The focal point of the gallery was the interactive wall of mirrors that encouraged visitors to share what “Igniting the Future” meant to them. For this project, we installed the structure and hooks that held all the individual pieces. 

Adhesive Vinyl Wall Murals: Adhesive vinyl wall murals covered almost every inch of the displays with an engaging presentation of graphics and informative text for the audience. Think Box Media technicians took great care to carefully apply the adhesive vinyl to the displays to ensure a perfectly smooth presentation. 

Vinyl Floor Graphics: Although most companies use vinyl floor graphics to direct traffic, Coca-Cola used them to make a statement. The large-format prints displayed bold ideas to those in attendance. We made sure the vinyl floor graphics wouldn’t get scuffed by the heavy foot traffic by using industrial-grade adhesive. 

Custom LCD TV Enclosures: Sometimes, the best way to demonstrate a great idea is through video. Think Box Media installed custom enclosures in the displays for the seamless fitting of LCD television screens. 

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