All great business owners understand that visual marketing and design is an important part of attracting customers to their establishment. That’s why so many great brands reach out to us daily for our offset printing and large format printing services in NYC. Time and time again, we have proven that we can transform a bland room into a creative zone for engagement and inspiration. That’s what we did for our latest project with Cast Iron Lofts.

Cast Iron Lofts is a luxury apartment complex located on the outskirts of Jersey City, NJ. Part of being an upscale venture involves a focus on attractiveness, which is why the Cast Iron Lofts team asked us to animate the parking garage and hallways leading into their main building. Of course, we were more than happy to do so! It gave us a chance to expand on our creative and artistic skills. 

Although we’re best known for our printing services, we quickly realized that we had to go old-school on this project. These particular areas were made of cinderblock and concrete, the surfaces of which are porous and rough. We contemplated using adhesive vinyl prints to adorn the walls, but we quickly realized this wouldn’t be the best long-term solution as vinyl adheres best to smooth surfaces. That’s why we decided to hand paint everything instead! Check out some of our best work yet in the video below.

We worked with two main types of signage in this project: wayfinding signage and hand-painted signage. 

Wayfinding signage helps guide traffic in a certain direction. It’s widely used in retail stores, at special events, and especially on streets. Creating a successful wayfinding sign involves a lot of planning beforehand. First and foremost, you have to map out the path in a way that is clear and simple to understand. Then, you must design the signs to be consistent and bold, so they are noticeable and easy to follow. Cast Iron Lofts used bold colors, geometric shapes, and precise directions for each individual sign, tying them all together through a shared theme. 

You can probably guess what hand-painted signage is. Instead of using vinyl prints or other leading adhesives, we used high-quality paint to provide some beautiful graphics. These types of signs are more time consuming because we have to be precise with every brushstroke, but they make for stunning long-term solutions. 

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