The Think Box Media team is proud to have worked with GHCL to develop eye-catching graphics for their showroom at 2018 New York Fashion Week, where they just launched a new bedding brand: CIRKULARITY. Read below to find out more about CIRKULARITY and how we made it stand out at this larger-than-life event.


Over the past three decades, GHCL has established themselves as an industry leader in chemicals, textiles, and consumer products. Sustainability is integral to their company values. They consistently work to increase energy and water efficiency, improve waste management, employ renewable energy, and develop greener manufacturing processes and technologies.


GHCL’s CIRKULARITY range of bedding centers around the concept of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” CIRKULARITY includes eight collections:

  1. The Spin Win
  2. The Nefertiti
  3. The Velvette
  4. The Sylva-Cel
  5. The Wood Wheel
  6. The Comall
  7. The Cratus
  8. The Naturlig

These collections are crafted from materials such as organic cotton, refibra percale, and recycled polyester percale. Visit the CIRKULARITY website to learn more about this cutting-edge, eco-friendly bedding offered by GHCL.

GHCL Presented Us with a Challenge

To support their goal of greater sustainability, GHCL asked us to ensure that every element of their display was eco-friendly. We met that challenge with no hesitation. All the graphics in GHCL’s New York Fashion Week showroom were made from recycled materials and printed with soy inks. Some of these items included:

  • Printed Eco-Boards: This eco-friendly cardboard material is sturdy, flexible, 100% biodegradable, and absolutely beautiful.
  • Falcon Board: This media board offers superior performance over many traditional foam board options. It is fully recyclable and made with renewable forest resources.
  • Recycled Adhesive Fabric Wall Murals: These large-scale, highly-detailed, and truly stunning fabric murals are made with recycled materials.

Our eco-friendly graphics used texture, shape, and a few artful images to evoke a sense of natural beauty and elegance. Watch our newest video to explore the CIRKULARITY display.


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