From the skyscrapers of New York City to the colorful streets of Brazil, and everywhere in between, Think Box Media’s event printing services have helped clients make a statement. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually get to travel to Brazil, but we did succeed in bringing a little taste of Brazilian culture to the Big Apple at the Access For All: São Paulo’s Architectural Infrastructure exhibition. This showing was a collaborative effort between the American Institute of Architecture, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, various artists and creative directors, as well as the Think Box Media team, of course. 

In an effort to house São Paulo’s massive population of nearly 13 million people, the Brazilian government has commissioned many infrastructure projects over the past 50 years. From rooftop terrace gardens to paved sidewalks, the Access for All exhibition highlights some of the greatest architectural wonders (divided into three distinct categories: large-scale projects, public open spaces, and Paulista Avenue projects) from the last five decades. Viewers don’t just get a glimpse of engineering innovations. They also get to dive deep and explore São Paulo’s rich history through an architectural lens. 

Think Box Media used a broad array of printing techniques in order to create an immersive experience for visitors and viewers. Take a look at our newest work below before we dive into the printing materials.

As always, adhesive vinyl murals remain one of our most popular visual productions. Using our state-of-the-art Eco-Solvent printing machines, the creative team at Think Box Media can easily create large format graphics that retain the quality and brightness of their digital formation. Furthermore, only industrial-strength adhesive solutions are utilized when installing these graphics to ensure longevity on any building material they are applied to, whether glass, hardwood, drywall, etc. 

The historical details presented at the exhibit were displayed on rigid boards, a simple, yet eye-catching material. The beauty of using rigid board prints is that you can pick the thickness of the board to reflect the prominence of the piece you desire. For example, the set of five graphics were printed on thin boards, so they complement each other well and don’t distract from the rest of the gallery. However, the historical information was printed on boards of varus thicknesses — some stood out more, demanding attention, while others were simply there for the viewing. 

Finally, we also experimented with CAD cut vinyl. Computer Aided Design (CAD) vinyl graphics are extremely popular in the textile industry for decorative purposes. These vinyl pieces can be effortlessly transferred onto clothing with the right heat transferring tools. You’ve probably even worn an article of clothing with a CAD cut vinyl design before too!

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