With over 30 years of experience, we can assure clients that their graphics will look fantastic. Our large format printing services encompass a variety of printing and finishing techniques. With our resources, we can produce graphics of all sizes and shapes appropriate for any advertising campaign, marketing strategy, or special event.


With our flatbed UV printer, we are able to print directly on rigid materials up to 2’ thick. We can print on rolled media just as easily. Foam core, gator board, acrylic, metals, Sintra, and glass represent just some of our more commonly used rigid materials. After printing, we can CNC rout the printed material to any specification. Our CNC router also allows us to fabricate eye-popping displays for retail purposes. Printing with UV inks guarantees consistency of color on any material. Our UV machines print at high speed while simultaneously curing the ink, ensuring prompt delivery of rush orders.

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With our Eco-Solvent machines, we can produce vibrant color on a wide range of rolled materials. These machines can also produce white or metallic inks. With this equipment, we can print on adhesive vinyl, banner vinyl, photo paper, static cling, clear vinyl, wallpaper, canvas, fabrics, vinyl stickers, and removable wall graphics. The Eco-Solvent machine easily lends itself to adhesive printing applications, including vehicle graphics, window graphics, wall murals, barricade graphics, and much more.

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Our finishing department adds the final touches. This team can mount, laminate, CNC rout, contour cut, and even pack graphics for distribution to multiple locations.

large format digital printing services in new york


Versatility and Polish

As a leading large format digital printing company, Think Box Media takes pride in its work. Rather than specialize, we choose to excel in every area of graphic application. With our state-of-the-art machinery, we can print on both rigid materials and rolled media. We both produce and install large-scale graphics for clients according to their unique specifications. Whether temporary or permanent, we can provide a printing solution. The possibilities are endless.

At Think Box Media, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. Why box ourselves into being just a large format digital printing service? Why should companies commission the services of a printer, a retail graphics company, and a sign shop, when one company can do it all? We adapt to any and every demand that our clients present to us.

How useful can a large format digital printing service be if it is unable to scale its work to any application? Companies that specialize in only large format printing would ordinarily find it difficult to accommodate unanticipated needs or to surmount unexpected obstacles. Wittingly or not, residents of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and other boroughs of NYC see Think Box Media’s handiwork every day. This is no coincidence. When businesses and organizations in New York and all throughout the country need large scale digital printing, they call us.

Amplify Your Brand

The white noise of industry threatens to drown out the voices of many companies that aspire to establish footholds in their respective markets. Standing out from the crowd is no easy task. As we become more and more inundated with advertisements, email blasts, blogs, and so on, we become deaf to everything but the most innovative and effective marketing efforts.

The best examples of large-scale digital printing turn heads and get people talking. However, while digital printing in a large format grants high visibility to your message, bigger does not necessarily mean better. That is where our creative team makes the difference. Hiring us means to commence a collaboration. From conception to installation, our experts remain hands-on every step of the way. Do not mistake us for a drag-and-drop large format digital printing service — for the entirety of our partnership, our clients have access to our brilliant professionals and their creative resources. Let us help make your next trade show, exhibition, or product launch a resounding success.

Large format printing represents a substantial manifestation of your organization’s identity into the physical world. In NYC especially, any one instance of digital printing in a large format can potentially reach millions of eyes in just a day. If such an image fails to convey the message you are trying to send, the results can be counterproductive or even disastrous. Trust in our expertise with over 30 years as a large-format digital printing company to honor your vision and realize your goals.

We regularly install large format printing in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and practically anywhere else in NYC. We can also install graphics in other sites in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and beyond. Questions? Just give us a call. Start your new project with us today.