At Think Box Media, we don’t believe in limits. Ideas need room to grow and prosper, and so do their accompanying visuals. That’s why we’re proud to offer countless variations of high-quality printing services, making us one of the leading printing companies servicing Brooklyn, Manhattan, and beyond! 

One of our latest installments was for the Datorama Limitless event, which took place at Spring Studios in New York City. The Limitless “anti-conference” was an engaging get-together where leaders of prominent companies shared their ideas and experiences in the marketing industry. Think Box Media was proud to design, create, and install custom-made prints and graphics for the second year in a row to promote the occasion and enhance the event space. Take a look at some of our best work yet in the video below. 

Adhesive Vinyl Wall Murals

One of our most popular requests is large format prints and graphics. In the fast-paced marketing world, grabbing the attention of your target market is a key component of growing your customer base. We provide high-quality wall murals that catch the eye of everyone walking by. 

Think Box Media is a leader in the creation of versatile large-scale solutions for all your branding needs. We believe every industry can benefit from wide-format graphics, from art to retail. The Limitless event utilized wall murals printed on adhesive vinyl, a durable material with an easy installation process. We were able to use our state-of-the-art Eco-Solvent printing machines to create vibrant colors on the adhesive printing application. 

Clear Adhesive Vinyl Window Graphics

An easy way to boost the interior decoration game of any retail store or event space is through the use of window graphics. Window graphics are well-known marketing tools for increasing brand awareness and promoting special events. 

Through advanced equipment and high-quality materials, Think Box Media is able to create dynamic window graphics. Clients have full control over customization — you pick the design, the materials, and the message, and we create the print. 

Plant Wall with Neon Sign

Sure, we advertise ourselves as a visual marketing solutions company that specializes in large-scale graphics and logos, but that’s not all we do. One of our recent special projects was the creation of the Limitless plant wall with the accompanying neon sign. This statement piece received a lot of attention from the attending clientele and is only one of the few lit signage pieces we’ve installed in NYC

If you have an upcoming event you’d like to promote, give us a call at 212-571-7019 to speak with a designer about how we can help bring your brand to life.