At Think Box Media, our large format digital printing services in Manhattan are all about making a statement in a world filled with noise. Our work helps companies build brands and outshine the competition by grabbing the attention of customers and clients. We also help artists and organizations tell compelling stories by creating graphic displays that both intrigue and excite a diverse audience.

We were delighted to do the latter with our recent installation at an exhibition entitled “Fringe Cities: Legacies of Renewal in the Small American City” at the American Institute of Architects’ Center for Architecture in New York, NY, on Oct. 2, 2019. This provocative exhibition by MASS Design Group examined the effects of urban renewal in several small cities around the country.

Where did we come in? In the presentation, of course! Take a look at this slideshow video to view the exterior and interior visual landscape we helped to create with our graphic installation techniques. 

Now that you’ve seen our work in action, here’s an overview of the items we contributed to the exhibition and the methods we used to produce these items.

  • Front windows: We used a combination of translucent red vinyl and opaque white vinyl, both cut on a summa plotter, to present the exhibition’s striking logo.
  • Interior walls: To present data, maps, photos of the “Fringe Cities,” newspaper clippings and other propaganda in a clean, clear and interesting way, we created adhesive vinyl wall murals printed on HP latex printers.

The result was a striking, thorough and effective display that made use of different types of media made from different materials and from different eras of history. 

In other words, “Fringe Cities” was a perfect showcase of the tools and talents we bring to the table here at Think Box Media. It was a perfect example of the impressive results you can achieve when you partner with a company boasting 30 years of experience, crafting acrylic signage for companies in New York.

For more information about Think Box Media, to view more of our work or to explore any of our various graphic production and installation services, visit our website or give us a call today.