From brilliant back-lit wall-logo displays in NYC offices to towering scaffold graphics in Brooklyn, Think Box Media has done it all. We provide high-quality designs and special graphics to businesses far-and-wide who are looking to transform their events. Through the use of innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, we’ve quickly become the favorite large-format printing company in the area. Check out some of our recent work below. 

Music Choice 

The award-winning video and music organization known as Music Choice renovated its Pennsylvania office with legendary lyrical quotes with the help of Think Box Media designers. Think Box Media understands that an innovative office deserves an innovative design, which is why we used dimensional letter displays to provide inspiration for all the office’s employees through uplifting song lyrics. 

The famous words were fashioned out of ½ inch acrylic, which was laser cut to form individual letters. The acrylic was then covered with high-quality black paint, which provided a matte finish for a professional look. To provide a more dramatic look to the lyrics that made history, Think Box Media installation specialists pin-mounted the acrylic on the wall with spacers. 

Dimensional letter displays are prominent in many business buildings to showcase the company’s logo or other important messages. They are most often created from acrylic or flat-cut metals, both of which are available at Think Box Media. To provide every business with a suitable graphic, we offer a variety of materials, colors, finishes, and thicknesses for each design.

Go-To Skincare

Go-To Skincare recently held an event in New York City to promote its Aussie skincare range. As one of the top creative printing services to provide business signage in NYC, Think Box Media had the honor of designing numerous prints to help bring the exhibit of a top skincare company to life. Founder Zoe Foster Blake and the attending crowd were seen enjoying our fun, larger-than-life visuals throughout the duration of the event. 

Think Box Media provided a flawless combination of low-tack adhesive vinyl, gatorboard panels, and adhesive vinyl floor graphics to direct guests and liven the atmosphere. 

Low-tack adhesive vinyl is a highly-requested material for large format prints because it holds up well, but doesn’t damage the underlying wall paint. A majority of the space adorned low-tack adhesive vinyl since it served as decoration and as product information. 

Gatorboard panels were also utilized to enhance the visual design. Think Box Media used a high-tech flatbed printer to print the graphics onto the gatorboard directly. Gatorboard is often used in the creative printing industry for its durability and eye-popping displays. 

The finishing touches of this event were made possible with the use of adhesive vinyl floor graphics. This product is widely used in retail stores to direct traffic in real-time. The Go-To Skincare event used our specially designed adhesive vinyl floor graphics as additional decoration to spruce up the space.

Check out the delightful results in this video:

Think Box Media is everyone’s top choice for large visual prints and dimensional letter displays. Our creativity, product-quality, and affordability are unmatched by other local printing services. To transform your next event with spectacular visual displays, contact a Think Box Media specialist at 212-571-7019.