Cutting-Edge Visuals for an Innovative Industry

Wherever innovation happens or the top creative minds in a given industry converge to plot out the future, there’s a good chance you’ll find Think Box Media in the thick of the action, catching eyes with our premier printing services for the top advertising and marketing businesses in New York City as well as the rest of the nation.

We recently hit the West Coast to add our unique brand of visual flair to another AdExchanger Programmatic I/O event in San Francisco. This highly anticipated biannual summit, which will swing back East to New York in mid-October, attracts up to 1,500 programmatic industry pioneers representing some of the most recognizable brands, ad agencies and tech companies around the globe. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “programmatic” refers to the automated process by which advertising is bought, sold or placed by digital marketers. In other words, our work is a natural fit for one of this industry’s top gatherings.

Take a look at this quick slideshow for a small glimpse into the world we helped to create at the conference.

As illustrated, the Programmatic I/O summit allowed us to showcase the following items:

  • SEG, or Silicone Edge Graphics. One of our specialties, these popular fabric prints fit smoothly into frames with the aid of silicone edging that helps render the frame itself invisible and resulting in a neat, clean look.
  • Adhesive Vinyl. With our prints, we cover walls, create wall murals, wrap escalators and design floor graphics.
  • Backlit Vinyl Graphics. Always an attention-grabber, these graphics harness the power of light to bring a brand’s logos to life.
  • Stage Graphics. The backdrop to an event’s biggest moments. 
  • Event Graphics. A bold way to welcome guests as well as enable sponsors and organizers to leave a lasting impression.
  • Trade Show Graphics. Make individual exhibition booths stand out in a crowd.

As the trusted source of unforgettable visuals for AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O, Think Box Media is proud to be woven into the fabric of this celebrated event. We welcome any opportunity to help build brands and generate buzz and excitement in and around any industry.
To inquire further about our diverse body of work, from fabulous architectural lettering designs in NYC to exceptional brochures, business cards and other offset printing services for businesses across the country, contact Think Box Media today.