At Think Box Media, we proudly provide our high-quality printing services in Brooklyn and throughout the U.S. Recently, we also made our international mark in Zurich, Switzerland. As part of CitizenM Hotels – Zurich’s grand opening celebration, we focused on the community for our spectacular installation. Check out our backlit graphics for the “Citizens of Zurich” project, and read on to learn more about Think Box Media’s backlit prints and other out-of-the-box marketing visuals:

Our work for CitizenM Hotels showcases the scale and reach of the creative visuals we provide for our commercial partners. Our installations, which include attention-grabbing graphics, lettering, and backlit displays, can tell the story of your brand, advertise your company’s goods, services, and special events, and boost audience engagement and brand loyalty.

Backlit Prints

Our current culture of high consumer expectations, convenience, and fast-paced visual content consumption demands marketing solutions that break through the clutter to catch the consumers’ eye and instantly engage them. One such solution is our backlit prints.

From movie posters and bus shelter ads to wall murals and 140 portraits of community members in a window presentation, we can easily customize graphics, artwork, and concept visuals as well as copy fonts and calligraphy options to both communicate and embody your message.

Think Box Media’s backlit film is noticeable by day as a vivid, reflective print. But these graphics are even more stunning at night when the light shines through the translucent films and transparent inks. Instead of depending on billboard spotlights and posters only visible when the sun is up, backlit film printing will illuminate your images and messages, helping your brand stand out to our present array of consumers requiring immediate visual engagement.

Creative Marketing Installations for Businesses

We at Think Box Media offer the best printing services in Brooklyn, including professional installation services for businesses. We can provide illuminated images, dimensional signage, distinctive displays, and so much more for a customized marketing experience. Our fabrication team is available for every step of the installation process, from the site survey to the creative planning and execution of the project. To learn more about our extensive selection of printing services and products, call Think Box Media at 212-571-7019 or contact us online today.

We are committed to bringing your brand to life!