In a world of instant gratification, we know the significance and impact of attention-demanding visuals. Eye-catching graphics are not just purposed for billboards, vehicle wraps, or other “loud” marketing mediums; they can be used to evoke a reaction just about anywhere. The artistry of it all comes down to the application, which is practically limitless. One of our favorite canvases? It’s nothing fancy. Read on to explore the many ways Think Box Media provides graphics solutions to one of your more artistically neglected surfaces: your walls!

Custom Wall Coverings

Custom wall coverings are some of the more impactful ways to add an artistic touch to any hallway, lobby, conference hall, or building exterior. We consider a wall a canvas, and once you see what our designers are capable of, we’re confident you’ll feel the same. This isn’t your typical wallpaper; Think Box Media combines stunning imagery with intelligent design to create print and graphics solutions that evoke a reaction. Whether your goal is to inspire, inform, compel, or even sell, we can create custom wall coverings to reflect your vision.

Choosing The Right Material

The adhesive used to bind a graphic to your walls is one of the key factors when selecting a custom wall covering solution. Permanence is going to be the major influencing factor here, with certain adhesives more appropriate for provisional applications and other adhesives meant to remain in place for years. This can get a little complicated depending on a couple of different variables, like the wall surface material or your removability preferences, but it’s all apart of the journey: Think Box Media staff will work with you to determine the best adhesives to meet the needs of your project. We collaborate with our clients to ensure their murals are specifically designed for their intended application without ever compromising durability or visual appeal.

A determining factor to the material you choose will ultimately depend on how long you want the wall cover to remain in-tact. Less than a year or two? We consider that pretty short-term. Longer than that and we’re getting into relatively permanent options. Any wall cover intended to remain in place for five years or more is considered permanent, and we’ll ensure the materials meet the expectations of their intended use

Custom Wallpaper – Not functionally different than standard wallpaper, our custom wallpaper can be easily removed if the walls have been properly primed and prepared before the installation. If the wallpaper is to be removed, the walls can be washed with soap and water to clean any residual adhesive.

Adhesive Vinyl This material is available in two basic iterations to meet the client’s needs for permanence and removability. For short-term applications, a temporary adhesive is the best choice for your vinyl wall cover if it will need to be removed in the near future. On the other hand, our more permanent vinyl adhesive is easier to clean and maintain, will perform better than wallpaper in high-traffic areas, but will ultimately prove harder to remove.

There are more variables to consider, like what is the surface of the wall? Or, what finished look do I want? There’s also the architecture and room layout to take into consideration. We won’t dive that deep today, but stay tuned to future Think Box Media blog posts to discover more about the wonderful world of print, and how we continue to innovate in the industry of art and design.

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