If you’ve walked down by the Bowery recently, you might have noticed something different about the new CitizenM hotel that was just unveiled a few weeks ago. Until the hotel opens, our collaborative work will stand as a tribute to the neighborhood while showing off our versatile talents as New York’s most prominent large print agency.

Setting the Scene

180 black and white portraits, taken by photographer Christelle de Castro and printed by Think Box Media, were installed throughout 18 floors of the hotel to prepare for the hotel’s art exhibition. As the sun was setting on the night of June 19th, passersby on the Bowery near Delancey Street witnessed quite a spectacle: All 180 portraits on all 18 floors were illuminated, each displaying a local resident or business personality on the Bowery. It was a grand portrayal of the hotel’s appreciation of the local people and culture of which it is now apart of.

62 locals were photographed for the project by de Castro, whose incredible skills in portrait photography made the project a genuine pleasure to work on for our team. We worked with the artist to ensure the final prints met the needs and expectations of the project before applying the finishing touches. The translucent nature of the print allowed for the enchanting glow that illuminated the street below.

Check out the exhibition yourself and see how Think Box Media creates amazing print solutions for any application:


Renowned Print Solutions on a Global Scale

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